Digital Marketing Strategist

Web Marketing Strategist / Specialist

Following the advent of the Internet, there has been an exponential growth in the potential for communication for companies, which can increase their visibility, directly addressing users through the network. However, in parallel with the increase in visibility, the competition between companies operating in the same sector has also increased significantly. All this has made the birth of a new professional figure indispensable, whose intervention can “make the difference“: the Web Marketing Strategist / Specialist!

What does Digital Markerting Strategist do?

The Digital Markerting Strategist is a professional able to exploit in a transversal way all the main communication and digital marketing channels, to face its tools and best practices. Moreover, it is able to apply methodologies and frameworks to analyze the results of the campaigns to continuously optimize them in a continuous improvement cycle. Clearly this professional aims to reach as many users as possible and to stimulate their creativity, triggering the long-awaited mechanisms of viral marketing and buzz marketing to which all brands aspire.


Therefore the Digital Marketing Strategist must be able to design a digital strategy and translate it into an effective digital marketing plan according to the different business objectives or KPI.

Marketing strategy

In practice, specifically, it will:

1) designing and managing Video, Content and Social Media Marketing activities;
2) learn the techniques of SEO & SEM, Mobile and Email Marketing;
3) define the fundamental performance metrics to evaluate the ROI of a business;
4) analyze data and monitor marketing campaigns;
5) optimize the channels and the campaigns so as to reach the prefixed KPIs;
6) understand the dynamics of a structured Digital Brand and the various user acquisition channels from an integrated point of view.

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