Facebook experiences the “I do not like” option, but calls it “downvote”

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Facebook is experimenting in the United States the new “downvote” option, very close to the discussed and desired by users “I do not like”. Even if a spokesman for the social network denied the association to the “dislike”, explaining that the introduction would allow to assign a negative vote to the comments and to hide them from the post.

Facebook experiments the downvote option With the downvote

it seems that users can rate down some comments. As? By clicking on the button, options appear, such as “offensive”, “deceptive”, “off topic”, that would give way to express themselves on questionable, irrelevant or fake news. It’s the first time that the social network has a function similar to the “I do not like” button, the antithesis of “like” launched in 2009. Two years ago the social network has updated it with Reactions, a series of graphic and expressive possibilities. translated into emoji. Just on this occasion the platform explained to Bloomberg that it was not intended to “dislike” not to spread negativity on the platform, dissociating from the “dislike” already present on the Reddit platform, a cross between blogs and social networks, very popular in the US.

Facebook distinguishes the downvote from I do not like it

The Zuckerberg company emphasizes the difference between the downvote and the “I do not like it”, associating the first with feedback on the quality of the comments. However you want to see and call, the arrival of a similar key could raise accusations of censorship and controversy. The astute Mark will therefore have to evaluate well if and when to introduce it. For now it is an ongoing experiment for only a small portion of American users. In short, the times are not yet ripe and the arrival of the downvote on our smartphones is still far away.

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