In any case why contact me?

I cover the Junior figure of IT consultant, at the same time providing advice to a company that intends to make the most of information technology (ICT) in order to achieve certain corporate goals or objectives. In addition to mere advice, I am able to design, implement and manage the computer system (system administrator) or I work in software development.

Digital Marketing Strategist

In practice, 90% of marketing investments are spent on channels that interrupt people’s attention, such as TV commercials, newspaper advertisements and billboards. Unlike on the web, the overwhelming majority of time and user attention comes from Inbound channels: newsletters, content, search results, social media, videos, etc. Therefore, knowing Inbound Marketing is essential for any company or professional who wants to implement an effective strategy on the web.

Obviously if you choose me (online training and a continuous process of growth), as a Web Marketing consultant, I will be able to design a digital strategy and translate it into a digital marketing plan for you and your business.

Antonio Memoli 
IT Consultant | Digital Marketing Strategist 
Mobile: +39 3387369579 
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