Do you have time for a coffee to listen to me?

First of all: why should you need a web marketing consultant?

Questions from ports:

  • You do not have online tools and you do not know how to move?Offro soluzioni
  • Are you present online (website, social …), but this does not bring results?
  • Your business / activity is on social networks, but can not create engagement?
  • You have a website, but do you want to make a makeover with new features and understand what is better to do?
  • Your company wants to invest in Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, but does not know where to start?
  • Spend too much money for a communication agency that fails to materialize, and prefer to rely on a professional web marketing and its knowledge? Choose me of course!
  • Would your company want to start sending regular newsletters?
  • Do you want to create a blog area on the site to be popular with interesting news?
  • Would your company want to open up to new markets and develop a mobile app?

Why should you listen to me and not a web agency?

My job?

I will be there with you months and why not if you want it. A mutual knowledge that will lead me to be important within the company, a point of reference for digital issues. What a web agency, however, could do, but not with the same degree of interest and the same degree of involvement that I will have.

Are you still there to ask yourself what you should do?

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After analyzing what are the possible causes that penalize the results of your Website / eCommerce (if you have one), I will proceed with the drafting of an action plan in line with the objectives of your business.

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