Why trust me?

The world of Internet and the web offers countless solutions for those who decide to approach it, but the basic problem is to understand who to contact to tell how good you are or how much better your product is compared to that of its competitors.

My Mission?

My task will be to help the company to value, promote itself and tell its story through the web.

Consequently, I will learn about the main aspects of the company, identify what distinguishes it from others and understand its degree of competitiveness to differentiate the offer and position itself best in the sector of reference.

Naturally, it is not just about managing and using the main tools of the web but otherwise, of planning an effective and sustainable strategy in the medium and long term that pursues the mission and the future prospect of the company (vision).

Why trust my Strategy?

So I will show you how you want to achieve the goal, the set of individual actions taken (tactics) so far and to be adopted in the future.

I will also analyze the sector, the political, economic, social, technological variables that affect the environment in
which the company operates.

Finally I will study and discover the strengths to bet on and the weaknesses of your activity thanks to the analysis swot.


In short, to promote a company you must know it, understand its value, mission and strategy!

Antonio Memoli 
IT Consultant | Digital Marketing Strategist
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